Almost 50,000 General Motors Employees Go On Strike 🚘

Bloomberg / Getty Images

Bloomberg / Getty Images

Thousands strong

This is the largest strike enacted by a labor organization against GM in over a decade. The strike has been taken up outside of 55 GM locales spread across 19 states. The protest is part of a recent breakout of labor activism throughout numerous industries.

Workers want greater benefits

The GM employees, members of United Auto Workers, seek a larger cut of the auto company's profits, which would include salary raises on an annual basis. GM's statement, however, noted that theirs was a decent offer which encompassed higher wages and additional benefits. President Trump tweeted on Sunday, prior to the strike, that GM and UAW ought to come to an agreement.


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The right sheds light on the vulnerable position many of the workers are in while on strike. Conservative publications have also noted that President Trump met earlier in the month with GM chief executive Mary Barra to discuss a number of issues, including union contracting. Some right-wing media have also mentioned the current Justice Department investigation into UAW President Gery Jones, after a sum of cash in excess of $30,000 was found in his home.


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Certain publications on the left see the multi-state UAW strike as a component of a broader movement within the area of laborers' rights, with a number of liberal politicians voicing support for the protesters. Simultaneously, the left also draws attention to the concern that a prolonged period of negotiation might cause GM to fall into junk bond status. This would then attach a high-risk factor to investments into GM.

Where's the common ground?

Both the right and the left more or less agree that the issue resulting in the strike should be resolved as it has caused serious strife for the protesters and the company alike. Common ground lies in acknowledging the need for both stabilized business and honest wages.

Gosh darn it



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