All Eyes on Sen. Warren during Democratic Debate 👀

Wilfredo Lee / AP

Wilfredo Lee / AP

Rising to the top

According to many news outlets, Sen. Elizabeth Warren will have the most at stake in Wednesday’s first Democrat debate. Her recent rise in the polls has led her to be the top performing Democrat of the ten debaters last night; this, combined with the Massachusetts senator's experience as a debater, gave Warren a platform before a national audience.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner?

Sen. Warren has received favorable press of late. However, it’s also true that she did not face off with other rising candidates in the polls, such as former VP Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, who will participate in round two of the debates tonight. With all of this at play, is Warren doing well or susceptible?


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Those who believe Warren’s susceptible argue that the fact that not facing Biden or Bernie means national audiences cannot gauge how Warren does among allcontenders, beyond the arguably less publicized contenders she faced last night. These outlets also highlight Pres. Trump's social media presence during the debates.


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Those who believe that Warren’s doing well argue that she has a leg up in a weaker field as she will not have to deal with a “Biden-Bernie showdown”. They argue that this becomes an effective platform for Warren to promote the cornerstones to her campaign. They also like that she deftly answered questions on health care, college education, and immigration. 

Where's the common ground?

Both sources acknowledge that the format of the debates influences Warren’s image, but they take opposite sides on how. Nonetheless, Warren's perceived success last night means that she will almost certainly have a chance at Biden and Bernie in the near future. 

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