Alex Jones Booted from Social Media 👋

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Strangest story of the week

On Wednesday, InfoWars founder and far-right provocateur Alex Jones had a heated exchange with Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) in the halls of the Capitol [WATCH]. Jones provoked Rubio by calling him a “little fratboy” among other things; Rubio claimed he didn’t know who Jones was and called him a “dumbass”.

Banned from social media

Jones and his InfoWars accounts were banned from Facebook, Apple, and YouTube last month for propagating hate speech. Jones has claimed that a “Jewish Mafia” controls the economy, that Hillary Clinton is a “demon”, and that the Sandy Hook school shooting never took place. On Thursday, Twitter also banned Jones and Infowars, citing repeated violations of its terms of service.


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Alternet: Here's Why Twitter Finally Banned Hatemongering Conspiracy Theorist Huckster Alex Jones

Those who support Twitter’s ban argue that Jones’s content is full of conspiracy theories and propaganda that is harming the public. They argue that he lies and promotes hate, which sometimes leads to criminal activity. They point to "pizzagate" as an example in which his coverage contributed to a gunman’s decision to barge into a D.C. pizzeria looking for evidence of human trafficking - which didn't exist. Jones later apologized. 


Breitbart: Twitter Permanently Blacklists Alex Jones, Infowars

Raw Story: 'Don’t touch me again’: Marco Rubio threatens to ‘take care of’ Alex Jones in testy confrontation at Capitol

Those who question the ban view it as political censorship. Articles on this side say he’s being “blacklisted” - comparing it to earlier examples of American political censorship. Amid claims from Republicans that social media companies censor conservative voices, some articles see Jones’s ban from Twitter as further proof that they are indeed working to stifle conservative voices.

Abandoning Jones

In truth, very few outlets take Alex Jones’s side in this debate. Breitbart believes that he’s being censored - but other outlets on the right just try to downplay what he’s said and done. He’s a guy that says racist things, promotes lies, and heckles sitting Senators - he’s not the kind of guy anyone seems to want to stick up for. 

The man who keeps getting attention



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