A Revamped ‘Salute for America’ 🇺🇸

Kim Min-Hee / Pool / Getty Images

Kim Min-Hee / Pool / Getty Images

Trump takes center stage

Trump’s 4th of July extravaganza will be one for the ages. After his past repeated requests for military parades were shot down, he might finally get his wish. The event will be highlighted by a Trump speech at the Lincoln Memorial.   

More than just fireworks and flyovers

The celebrations will not be without protests however. The famous “Trump Baby” balloon is expected to make an appearance. In addition, Gregory Lee Johnson, famous for the 1984 Supreme Court decision that ruled burning of the flag as constitutionally protected free speech, has planned a flag burning in protest of Trump.


Daily Caller: Trump plans patriotic ‘Salute To America’ parade for the 4th of July

Fox News: Blue Angels, John Stamos … and tanks? DC's July 4th celebrations take shape

The right categorizes Trump’s celebration plans as patriotic. They highlight details of the planned event such as a pyrotechnics display with approximately $750k of donated fireworks, a performance by the Blue Angels, a Trump speech, and potentially a display of armored military vehicles. The right also mentions that the idea was inspired by France’s Bastille Day parade, which Trump attended.


Newsweek: 'Irresponsible': cost of Donald Trump's July 4 military parade blasted by National Park advocacy group

HuffPost: RNC giving out tickets to Trump’s hijacked Fourth of July celebration

The left critiques the planned event, calling it financially irresponsible and politicized. They highlight that the unknown cost of the event is going to be a liability on the National Park Service, which is burdened with $11 billion in maintenance backlogs in addition to budget cuts by Trump.Furthermore, the left claims that the RNC has been giving major donors tickets to Trump’s speech. They contend that the once nonpolitical celebration has been politicized by Trump.

Where's the common ground?

There is some common ground in covering this topic. Both sides do acknowledge the logistical challenges of the planned event. Additionally, both sides cover the criticism of the event, specifically the taxpayers having to foot the bill for it.

Let us feast on...freedom?

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