The First Lady's Jacket 🧥

Photo: AP

Photo: AP

Melania visits detained immigrant children

Yesterday, Melania Trump visited a facility in Texas where children attempting to enter the United States have been detained, without their parents. On her way over, she wore a Zara jacket that read, "I really don't care, do u?" on the back of it.


Queue the outrage

Needless to say, all hell broke loose. Parts of the media were outraged that the First Lady would wear such a jacket on her way to meet children who have been separated from their parents. Melania's spokesperson issued a comment saying "It's a jacket. There was no hidden message."

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The right believes the media is blowing a simple jacket out of proportion by trying to pull meaning out of nothing to attack the First Lady. They note that the jacket was only worn on the plane ride over and that she changed her outfit for the actual visit. The right also quotes Melania's spokesperson who believes the media should focus on her actions which are aimed at helping the children, rather than attacking her wardrobe.

The left feels dumbfounded that the First Lady would wear a jacket that they believe is obviously offensive and, in their mind, targeted at the children she is going to see. They note that Trump has been claiming to care about immigrant children being separated from families but that this jacket says otherwise in plain English, literally. They imply that the First Lady actually doesn't care about the "horrific and inhumane" things happening to these children.

Is the media being a drama queen?

The media is rightfully upset at the First Lady. Did no one on her ENTIRE team think it might be a bad idea to wear this jacket when going to visit kids involved in a very hot-button issue!? It almost seems unbelievable that this even happened. Let's say this was an honest coincidence. It certainly implies a level of tone deafness that the First Lady should be more careful about next time. Also, just don't ever wear this jacket.

Melania: "It's called fashion"



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