The Clinton Awards 🏆


What’s the deal?
Hillary Clinton, while presenting an award at Georgetown University, opened up as to why she thinks she took the L last election. She said that misogyny and “old-fashioned sexism” played a key role in her failed presidential bid. Along with remarks about the election, she commented on a range of issues including climate change, women’s rights, and democracy as a whole, saying she would “remain on the front lines of democracy”. The awards ceremony took place at the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security, of which Hillary is an honorary founding chair. 

The right is tired of hearing Hillary complain about her loss - note keywords “blames” and “defeat” in the headlines. It is a story they have heard many times, that sexism was to blame for her loss. They also point to the recent scandal that Clinton protected a member of her team, even though she knew this person had been accused of sexual harassment, as a sign that she doesn’t actually care about what she preaches.

The left praises Hillary Clinton for continuing the dialogue on important issues such as gender equality and women’s rights. They see her appearance at this event, in which three female human rights activists were given awards, as confirmation that she is committed to this cause. They believe that opportunities for women and young girls still have a long ways to go - especially in the current political climate - and they see Clinton playing an important role.

Is Hillary blaming her loss on sexism?
Sexism and misogyny surely played a factor in the election. There are people who didn’t vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman. However, Hillary isn’t blaming her loss solely on this factor - she’s simply bringing light to the issue and providing it as one example of the many ways women are treated unequally.


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