Democrats Strike Back 💥

Adam Schiff, top Democrat in the House Intelligence Committee

Adam Schiff, top Democrat in the House Intelligence Committee

What’s the deal?
Remember the top-secret turned public Nunes memo released by Republicans last week? We covered it last Wed. It’s the one that accused the FBI of abusing their surveillance powers (some involving Trump and his associates). Well, the Democrats are punching back. They want to release their own memo countering the allegations made in the Nunes memo.

What now?
The Dem’s memo has been sent to Trump’s desk for review and approval before release. It will follow the same process and procedures as the Nunes memo, giving the President five days to decide whether he wants to make it public. He can make redactions as he sees fit for national security reasons (or other not so innocent reasons…read more below).

The right accuses Democrats of deliberately putting sensitive information in their memo so that the President would have to redact some information, thus making it seem as if he’s treating this memo differently than the Nunes one. Also, they point out that the lead democrat in the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, had gone on TV a few years back demanding more transparency in FISA (the law in question in the Nunes memo). But, they say, he suddenly flip-flopped when he tried to block the release of the Nunes memo, which the right believes is important for bringing transparency to the way intelligence agencies conduct intelligence.

The left believes that since the Nunes memo was approved by Trump, the Democrats’ new memo should be released as well. It’s based on the same documents as the Nunes memo, so they believe there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be publicized. However, they’re fearful that the president will omit certain information that may reflect poorly on him on the grounds of “national security”. Also, they maintain their position that Devin Nunes was in cahoots with the White House to release the Nunes memo, and did it to undermine the Russia investigation.

To release or not to release?
The president has 5 days to decide on releasing the Dem’s memo. If he decides not to release it, the Democrats have the option to hold another in-house vote that could override the president. Trump is in a bit of a pickle. If he releases the memo, it could reveal how the Republicans had indeed cherry-picked information in the Nunes memo to make it seem as if the FBI did more wrong than they actually did. If he doesn’t release the memo, it could seem as if he’s trying to hide information that could be damaging to him. We’ll just have to wait and see what Trump does, so stay tuned, because this is going to be an interesting ride.


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