The Porter Papers 📝


The FBI opens up
The FBI revealed that they had known about Rob Porter’s questionable behavior since last March and had alerted the White House several times that ‘Hey, this guy’s a bit suss. You might wanna look into him.’ This directly contradicts Sarah Sander’s (WH Press Secretary) statement that they haven’t received any background check papers on Porter. Somebody's fibbing...

Rob who? 
Rob Porter was White House Staff Secretary and an important member of Team Trump. He resigned last week as allegations surfaced of domestic abuse against both his ex-wives.

The right tries to tamp down the hubbub and says there are no inconsistencies between the WH’s timeline and Wray’s. Sanders clarified her statement by claiming the WH Personnel Security Office had received the FBI’s reports, but did not send them to the political staff. Porter’s misbehavior was still under investigation by the Personnel Office at the time of his resignation and no recommendation had been made to the WH political staff that Porter should be let go.

The left zeroes in on the inconsistencies in the WH’s timeline. They accuse the administration of lacking sympathy for women since Porter wasn’t immediately fired after the administration learned of his domestic abuse. Specifically, they point to Chief of Staff John Kelly for overlooking Porter’s alleged abuse for so long (which contradicts Kelly’s statement that he fired Porter 40 minutes after he learned about the allegations).

Kelly’s in hot water
Trump is reportedly angry behind the scenes. If new details emerge suggesting Kelly knew about Porter’s abuse, be on the lookout to see if Trump lets him go. Turnover rate for Team Trump is already high. Letting go of another senior official could spell more chaos for the administration.


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