Scandals In The Holy Land 👼


Netanyahu under fire
The right-wing Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is facing potential indictment after Israeli police accused him of corruption. Charges include allegedly receiving nearly $300,000 of  gifts including cigars, wine and jewelry. The state prosecution disagrees with the police’s claims and says the accusations are not “backed up by the evidence”. Bring me Sherlock!

Why would the police say this? 
Some are claiming that these charges are an attempt at a coup. There have been “no less than 15” other investigations brought against Netanyahu since he was elected PM, and the police have made “noisy recommendations [to indict]” in several of them. Netanyahu’s political opponent, Yair Lapid, has been trying to “replace Netanyahu…for years” and is the chief witness against Netanyahu in the hearings. Questionable.

The right believes these allegations have no “legal validity”, and spins them as an attempt by the police and Yair Levin to take political control in Israel. They point out that numerous previous charges against Netanyahu have been unsubstantiated. The right also focuses on the bias in the police reports and witness accounts. The chief witness is Netanyahu’s political enemy, and the police investigation is potentially corrupted because members of the investigation have previously said that Netanyahu has attempted to “undermine” them, making them partial.

The left supports the Israeli police and believes Netanyahu “is a crook”, adding that if he is forced to step down, it will have direct negative consequences for Trump. According to the left, Trump would lose his “mentor, guru, and partner” in the Middle East. They point to Netanyahu’s lavish spending habits as validation for police suspicion. Examples include spending $2,700 in taxpayer money on his favorite pistachio ice cream and $127,000 on a custom sleeping cabin bed on a flight to London.

Is Netanyahu wasting taxpayer money or being framed? 
Based on the sheer number of allegations brought against Netanyahu thus far, his actions do seem fishy. However, if Netanyahu were guilty of ANY previous charges, why hasn’t one of them stuck and forced him out of office? The fact that the charges have all been dropped either proves that he is an innocent man, or that he is very good at getting rid of unwanted attention.


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