Show Me The Money! 🤑


What’s the deal?
Paul Ryan, the lead Republican in the House, tweeted about how the GOP tax bill benefited a public school employee by giving her an extra $1.50 wage boost per week. Suffice to say, the media ripped him apart, which led #WithABuckFiftyAWeek to trend on Twitter. Here’s the tweet shortly before he deleted it. 



The right points to the fact that many Americans (90% of them, in fact), will start seeing larger paychecks starting this month as the laws in the tax bill finally start to get implemented. They reference the study done by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center that the average, middle income household would get a tax cut of around $930 this year. Also, they note that many companies have given a large number of their employees sizable bonuses as a result of the tax bill.

The left is having a field day mocking Ryan. They’re bewildered that Ryan would use this as a way to market a tax bill that was sold by Republicans as a savior for the lower and middle class, given she’s only making an extra $6 per month (or, as economist Paul Krugman put it, an order of a small McDonald’s fries per week ). They believe this tweet shows that Ryan and other Republicans are out of touch with working class Americans.

Political blunder or nah?
Randy Bryce, Paul Ryan’s opponent in the 2018 midterm elections, has already used this as an opportunity to attack Ryan. On the other hand, if middle class Americans actually start to see their paychecks increase meaningfully, that could swing momentum back into Republicans favor. Approval ratings of the tax bill are now break even, after being massively unpopular when it was first passed. 


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