To Build Or Not To Build? 🔨

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1Kelly drama: Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, told FOX News that Trump had evolved his opinion on the wall and on DACA. Kelly said Trump was not ‘fully informed’ when he promised to have Mexico fund a wall across the entirety of the border, assuring that “[Trump] very definitely changed his attitude”. Kelly repeated the same sentiment to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Wednesday, adding that the wall will neither be built, nor will Mexico pay for it. Get ready for whiplash…

Trump tweets : Trump contradicted Kelly later the same day, saying that the plans for the wall “have never changed”. He also clarified that the wall will not go up in places where there is natural protection, such as areas with mountains and rivers. According to Trump, the wall will still be funded wholly or partially by Mexico, which has a $71 billion trade surplus with America.

The right touts Trump’s support for his chief of staff, who he praised as having “done a really great job”, saying that Kelly is a trustworthy source of information on the president’s current plans. The right holds that even if Trump is currently claiming to not have changed his mind, Kelly’s influence, and the experts Kelly has brought in to talk to Trump about the realities of the wall, will persuade Trump soon.

The left focuses on the disconnect between Trump and Kelly by using words such as “fuming” and “contradicts” in the headlines. Drama in the White House is always entertaining for the left. They also point out that this is a crucial moment for the White House to be united. Tense negotiations over immigration are looming in the background and any sign of weakness may give Democrats the upper hand they need.

Who's in charge?
While Trump may endorse Kelly, it does not mean everything Kelly says is a direct reflection of the POTUS’s opinion. If Trump is planning on moving forward with the wall, then Kelly can only do so much to ‘persuade’ him otherwise. Now, Kelly is trapped. Either he convinces the president to see his pov or he has to rescind his statements. Bet he’s feeling pretty “walled’ in right now. 


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