Back in business, baby 🔓


What’s the deal?
After a 3 day hiatus, the government’s open for business again. A spending bill that funds the government through February 8 passed 81-18 in the Senate, and Trump signed off on it. This comes after Congress failed to pass a funding bill last Friday, resulting in the shutdown. We covered that story in yesterday’s newsletter. Missed it? Do yourself a favor and catch up by reading it here!

How it went down
The bill was only able to get the necessary Democrat support after Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell gave his word that a resolution would be reached on what to do with the dreamers under DACA. It was only then that Chuck Schumer, the head honcho of the Democrats in the Senate, announced that he would support the bill. This didn’t sit well with many on the left. Many of them believe this whole ordeal was a political blunder for the Democratic party. Read more below.

Chuck supporters believe that in the end, this is the best way to reach a solution on DACA. They point to how according to polls, not many people actually blamed the Democratic party for the shutdown. More people blamed Trump and the Republican party. They say this new funding bill allows for more time to hammer out bipartisan legislation that protects dreamers living in the US. Although it may seem like they lost the proverbial “battle”, they are optimistic that they are going to win the “war”.


Chuck doubters on the left are furious that Chuck Schumer and the Democrats agreed to pass the spending bill. They feel their party betrayed them by caving without any real DACA solution. They are angry Democrats only received Mitch McConnell’s word that a DACA vote will be held in the Senate. People on the left are skeptical that McConnell will actually uphold his word. They feel that the Democrats gave up too easily and gained nothing from this whole fiasco.

What now? 
It’s important to note that this is a temporary fix. The government is only funded until February 8, which is in just three weeks. If Congress doesn’t pass another spending bill, it’s shutdown mode again. Democrats may yet again use that as leverage to advance their agenda, especially if Schumer bows to the pressure of the more extreme Democrats. The drama’s not over yet.  


Waiting to see what happens on February 8



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