PA Special Election: A No-Spin Zone?! 😱


A Democrat win in Trump country

Connor Lamb, a 33-year-old Democrat, appears to have won Tuesday’s special congressional election in Pennsylvania. The district was historically a Republican stronghold: President Trump won it by 20 points in 2016, John McCain and Mitt Romney both won the district with large margins in 2008 and 2012, respectively.


Not quite a done deal

Lamb has declared victory. The NY Times has called the race in his favor. But Saccone, his opponent, has not yet conceded. Recounts and lawsuits may be coming, but the numbers suggest that Lamb will likely be the ultimate winner. He holds a 627 vote lead out of the 224,000 ballots cast! Still think your vote doesn't matter?

The right took a somber, no spin view of the outcome here, a rare delight! Most articles acknowledge the Democrat victory is a bad sign for Republicans in 2018. The right underlines that Lamb’s strategy was a good one and that his opponent didn’t campaign well - but they also admit that distaste for President Trump likely played a role, too. Most interestingly, outlets on the right preemptively reject any ‘spin’ Trump may try to apply in the coming days to absolve himself of his impact on the race.

The left, surprisingly, mostly agreed with outlets on the right: that Lamb’s victory was unexpected and a sign that 2018 may be a good election year for Democrats. The left, however, more directly ties the outcome to President Trump: this election was a referendum on Trump, they argue, and evidence that Trump is hampering future Republican success.

So will the midterms be a bloodbath?


Whoa, slow down cowboy. In the Trump-media-space-time-continuum, we have at least 100 regular-media-years before now and the midterms; lots could change before then. However, Lamb may have identified a strategy to propel a Democratic wave in 2018: he invited Trump voters to support him, without maligning the president; he distanced himself from unpopular Democratic leaders (namely, Nancy Pelosi); and he was centrist on hot-button issues for conservatives, including gun control. Will other Dem's follow suit?

Conor Lamb to other Dems



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