Trump-Russia Investigation is Kaput? πŸ”š

Comic: Gary Varvel

Comic: Gary Varvel

The House says it's over

In a release yesterday, the House Intelligence Committee officially announced that they are ending their Trump-Russia probe and have found no evidence of collusion. This conclusion was provided by Republicans without support from Democrats on the Committee.

It ain't over till it's over

Democrats on the Committee are expected to release their own statement calling for further investigation. In the meantime, the Senate Intelligence Committee and special counsel Robert Mueller will continue running their own investigations.


The right believe Trump has been duly exonerated! They acknowledge that Russia interfered with U.S. elections, but say that Russia did not work with Trump or even try to help him specifically. They believe Russia interfered to generally "sow discord", offering the Trump dossier as evidence as something that would hurt Trump, yet was released by the Russians.

The left believe this investigation is being ended prematurely by Republicans and proves that they had the president's back the whole time. They also note that this decision contradicts prior statements about Russian interference from the FBI, NSA and CIA. They point out that even some Republicans thought ending the investigation was a mistake. 

What's next?

Democrats are worried that this could cause pressure on Mueller's special investigation to wrap up quickly or potentially get shut down. Mueller's investigation hasn't released any evidence that might suggest collusion and the clock is now ticking. The dark Trump-Russia cloud over this administration is starting to clear.



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