Self-Driving Car Accident 🚗

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Woman struck by self-driving Uber

The woman, Elaine Herzberg, was struck this past Sunday after she walked into the road directly ahead of the car in an area without a crosswalk. The car was going 40mph at the time of the accident and did not slow down before hitting Elaine.

What's Uber doing about it?

They suspended their self-driving car program, meaning that all road tests for their autonomous vehicles will stop. They're also fully cooperating with the police investigation by providing information about what systems were engaged, and other details from the car.

Self Driving Is Safe:

The Verge: Uber ‘likely’ not at fault in deadly self-driving car crash, police chief says

San Fran Chronicle: Tempe police chief says early probe shows no fault by Uber

The right says the media is using a ‘hate crime narrative’ to get more views/clicks/retweets. They also say the media is blowing the 'racist' angle way out of proportion since the bombing victims were not ALL people of color. Lastly, they point out that no one knows the bomber’s reasons for committing the crimes. As a result, calling the bombings racially driven is unfounded.

Self Driving Is Dangerous:

The Atlantic: Self-Driving Cars Still Don't Know How to See

Bloomberg: The Uber Crash Is the Nightmare the Driverless World Feared But Expected

Those against self-driving cars say that this death is a ‘tragic reminder’ that putting autonomous cars on the road is a ‘risky experiment’. They also point out that the reason the self-driving car initiative began was to eliminate human error, and therefore have zero accidents. If the car isn’t “100% safe”, why have it? Lastly, they talk about the other crashes caused by self-driving cars that have caused injuries, pointing to this as just one of many “inevitable” accidents.

How will this affect the future of self-driving cars?

If Uber is at fault, then it will certainly set back autonomous car integration, testing, and production. The accident will likely lower public support for the cars and require immediate regulation. If the pedestrian is at fault, however, the whole thing may eventually blow over the way the Tesla self-driving accident did in 2016. The first time is most shocking.

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