Boys (& Girls?) Scouts of America 🎖️


Identity crisis

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has officially announced that they will allow girls to join their Cub Scouts program. The feminist organization ‘NOW’ (National Organization for Women) had been demanding that the Boy Scouts eliminate their “discriminatory policies” against young women, and see this as a victory for women.

What will change?

  1. The name ‘Boy Scouts’ will be changed to ‘Scouts BSA’ to make it a gender-neutral program
  2. There will also be co-ed group activities
  3. The Boy Scouts has also discussed implementing some programs targeted specifically at girls 

Leaning Right:

The Federalist: In Another Show Of Desperation, Boy Scouts Opens Cub Scouts To Girls

National Review: Forget the Media Hype — Boys Scouts Will Still Be Boys

The right questions the BSA’s motives, saying this is a “desperate” attempt to boost their “declining membership.” They also claim that opening the program to girls is actually the opposite of feminism. They say it ‘chauvinistically’ implies that Girl Scouts is not good enough and that the girls should be learning from men instead. The right claims that this teaches boy scouts political correctness and victimization culture.


Leaning Left:

Mother Jones: Boy Scouts Will Finally Allow Girls to Join

Daily Times: Breaking barriers: Boy Scouts of America now admitting girls in Cub Scouts

The left says that this is a gender inclusive way to adapt to current family dynamics. Instead of driving to two separate places for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, or leaving one child at home, parents can put all their children in the BSA programs. The left also praises the BSA for “breaking barriers” and giving girls equality of opportunity. They say it is not about ‘picking’ between GSA and BSA, but about giving girls the option to participate in what they want. They call this an achievement for feminism and women everywhere.

Boy Scouts vs Girl Scouts

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have long been at odds with each other. From the beginnings, girls were not allowed to join the Cubs because leadership was concerned that boys would not find it manly enough if girls were involved. Eventually, Girl Scouts was formed and the Boy Scouts sued them - claiming the term “Scout” was a male term. Now that BSA has decided to allow girls in, Girl Scouts isn’t too happy. The Girl Scouts even wrote a letter to the BSA saying they were incredibly disappointed in the BSA for implementing a “covert” program that undercuts GSA programs without even talking to the GSA first.




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