U.S. and Nigeria get Chatty 🗣️


Complicated relationship

This week, Trump welcomed Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari to the White House. Buhari is the first African leader to visit. The press corps couldn't help but bring up Trump's alleged comment calling countries in Africa 'shithole countries'. Buhari brushed it off and kept it diplomatic. 

The important stuff

Nigeria is Africa's largest country with 185 million people. It is also the continent's biggest oil producer and largest economy, by GDP. Buhari made the trip, in part, to encourage more U.S. trade and investment in Nigeria. The two presidents also discussed terrorism and the U.S.’ fight against Islamist extremists in Africa.

Leaning Right:

Daily Caller: Trump Commits To Protecting Christians Persecuted In Nigeria

CBN: 'It's a Horrible Story': Trump Condemns the Killing of Christians in Nigeria

The right sees Trump as a hero. They talk about how he vowed to protect the Christians persecuted in Nigeria in his chats with President Buhari. Trump said it is a “very serious” problem and promised to work hard on it. The right appeals to their traditional right-wing audience by lauding Trump as a savior to the people in Nigeria who have been killed for their religious beliefs.

Leaning Left:

NPR: Trump Deflects On Remarks About African Nations; Doesn't Apologize On Immigration

LA Times: Why Trump's remark about Nigerians and 'huts' is so appalling

The left sees Trump as the villain. They zero in on Trump’s controversial remarks regarding African countries, saying that he uses “hate filled” and “racist” language regarding African people. They also say that Trump’s failure to show remorse for his comments about African nations living in ‘toilet bowl countries’ and not wanting to return to ‘their huts’ will hurt Trump’s reputation and approval all over the world, including with President Buhari of Nigeria.

Why did Buhari keep quiet?

Buhari may be turning the other cheek regarding Trump’s comments on African nations, but it is more likely that he is biting his tongue. Buhari is not popular in Nigeria right now, because of a scandal involving 110 kidnapped school girls. The majority of Buhari’s citizens believe that the kidnapping was staged by Buhari’s government as a means to “dupe and swindle” Nigerians into trusting him as their leader. He’s in too shaky of a position to speak out against Trump when he needs the strength of America as an ally.


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