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What is May Day?

May 1st is “May Day” and it’s celebrated to honor workers and advocate for fair working laws. In 1886 Chicago, a group of workers came together in Haymarket Square to demand the working day be changed from 10+ hours to 8 hours. As the police arrived to shut them down, a bomb was launched into the crowd. Startled police opened fire in the dark, killing several protestors and fellow policemen.

Chaos in Paris and anti-Trump marches

This year’s May Day got a little crazy. In Paris, anti-government protesters, known as Black Blocs, attempted to burn down a McDonalds and torched random cars to make a statement on May Day. In LA, the theme of the May Day march was “Together We Fight Back”. It was essentially a rally against Trump and his immigration policies. It looks like it’s more about politics than workers this year.

Leaning Right:

Daily Caller: ‘May Day’ Protests Are Coming, And The Alt-Labor Movement Looks To Capitalize

Daily Express: Paris BURNS on May Day as far-left protesters PETROL-BOMB McDonalds and set cars alight

The right focuses on how the Alt-Labor movement is using May Day to push their own political agenda. The right says that those who went to the march in LA were not just supporting better working conditions - they were also protesting President Trump and his immigration policies whether they knew it or not. They also highlight the far-left violence in Paris as an example of leftist extremism.

Leaning Left:

SCPR: LA's May Day march challenges Trump administration's immigration policies

Aljazeera: Fears of far-right violence as US gears up for May Day protests

The left focuses on labeling the May Day marches as a protest to President Trump’s immigration policies. They say that Trump being president has made May Day more dangerous because he “adds fuel” to the dissent of workers. They also focus on “fear” of the right-wing staging violent protests during May Day. This furthers their agenda of painting Republicans as the unpredictable adversary.

Are politics ruining May Day?

If the point of May Day is to help workers obtain higher wages, fewer hours, and better work conditions, then what are politics doing in the mix? Allegedly, because Trump’s immigration policies have affected workers. However, previous May Days have not been as political under other presidents. Left-wing groups organizing the event are letting a political agenda get in the way of the real goal: to “defend, protect, and respect worker rights.”


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