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Macron speaks

French President Macron spoke to Congress during his visit to the White House and incited controversy due to his remarks regarding Trump’s policies. Macron spoke fondly of America’s history with France, but he also spoke directly against some of Trump’s firmly held tenants. Watch speech.


Macron criticized America’s nationalistic mindset under Trump. Macron called nationalism “an illusion” and said that it will “inflame fear” in citizens. He also criticized trade wars, saying that a “commercial war” that “opposes allies” is unfruitful and not consistent with America’s ‘mission’ to serve. Lastly, he spoke in opposition to Trump’s dismissal of climate change, saying that there is no “planet B” and we are “killing” the Earth.

Leaning Right:

Breitbart: Macron tells Congress of ‘special’ US-French bond

Fox News: Under Macron, France nudges out Britain as Trump's favored ally

The right agenda is to make Trump and the GOP look as polished as possible. They focus on Macron’s affirmations of the U.S., and his references to the ‘special bond’ between France and America during his speech to Congress. They say that Macron has gained Trump’s “affections” and focus on how Trump’s invitation to Macron to speak has strengthened the America’s relationship with France. They call this a victory for the Trump administration and gloss over Macron’s criticism, calling it “gentle”.

Leaning Left:

CNN: After the hugs and kisses, Macron rips Trumpism

Washington Post: Macron embraces Trump — and elegantly knifes him in the back 

The left agenda is to paint Trump as the inexperienced n00b. They say Macron threw Trump’s beliefs “in the garbage” like “day-old croissants.” They also say his friendly demeanor is a ploy to gain Trump’s trust and further his own agenda on issues like the Middle East and climate change, saying Trump has fallen for it because of his “narcissism”. They focus on Macron’s critiques of isolationism, America’s climate change policy, and trade wars, all of which Trump has publically supported. The left says this was a clever way to appeal to the president’s ego while also undermining his position on critical issues to the American people.

Strategizing like Napoleon

Some are comparing Emmanuel Macron with Napoleon Bonaparte, calling Macron a master of strategy. They say his ploy is to become the trusted mediator that operates between the U.S. and the EU, effectively putting France into a more powerful position in world negotiations. If this is true, one can't help but think that part of Macron's goal is to maneuver Trump into relying on France for insight and info about the EU.


Hello, France?

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