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Convincing Trump

French President Emmanuel Macron is in DC this week on a state visit to meet with Trump. One point of discussion will be the Iran nuclear deal. Trump wants to drop or alter the deal with Iran and pull American troops out of Syria. Macron is trying to convince him otherwise.

The ‘Trump whisperer’

  1. Trump and Macron have a friendly history. Macron has even been described as the ‘Trump Whisperer’ since he has ingratiated himself to Trump and holds sway over the president’s decisions. Both presidents have a similar leadership style and approach foreign affairs with the ‘strong man’ mentality. According to the experts, if anyone can convince Trump that maintaining the Iran nuclear deal is beneficial, it is Macron.s 

Leaning Right:

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The Blaze: French president Emmanuel Macron says he respects President Trump because they’re both ‘mavericks’

The right believes the visit will strengthen the two presidents’ friendship. They focus on what the two presidents have in common and emphasize the fact that Macron has a lot of influence with President Trump, and that he may be able to convince him to maintain the Iran nuclear deal. Macron has even said that he and Trump are ‘aligned’ on ‘critical issues’ such as ‘terrorism’, ‘freedom’, and ‘peace’, giving them common ground during their discussions.

Leaning Left:

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The left thinks the visit is going to hurt both Trump and Macron. They say Macron may lose respect from his countrymen and women since Trump has a meager 14% approval rating in France. The left believes the meeting will also ‘test’ Macron and Trump’s relationship since Trump doesn't easily change his mind. They say that if Trump remains inflexible, he will likely strain U.S. relations with France, making it a blow for him too.

Iran: Why Trump wants out and Macron wants him in
Trump says the deal is flawed:

  1. The deal doesn’t address Iran’s ballistic missile programs
  2. The deal allows Iran to enforce rules that make it close to impossible to perform accurate inspections of suspected nuclear sites
  3. The deal has “sunset” clauses that dissolve the limits on Iran’s nuclear program after 10 years

Macron wants Trump to keep it because:

  1. There is no ‘plan B’ and if the deal goes south there may not be a new deal
  2. It is the ‘best way’ to ensure that Iran's nuclear program remains ‘peaceful’ and is much better than a “North Korean type situation”

Trump to Macron (probably)

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