Pompeo Sets the Stage 💭


Easter secrets

Over Easter weekend, Mike Pompeo went to Pyongyang North Korea and spoke with Kim Jong Un. The objective was to lay the groundwork for Trump’s talks with North Korea during the summer. Some saw this as a great success, while others complained that Pompeo got nowhere with Un. He failed to negotiate the release of American captives or obtain any promises from the dictator.

What Donald and Kim may talk about

  1. Primary focus: NK’s denuclearization
  2. Promises from NK to not threaten Japan
  3. Allowing South Korea and the U.S. to perform joint military exercises
  4. Negotiating the release of three American captives 

Leaning Right:

Fox News: Trump, don’t be fooled, North Korea may be laying a trap for you

The Hill: North Korea dangles 'denuclearization' like a hunter setting a trap

The right focuses on the negatives, and North Korea being untrustworthy. They point out that North Korea has a ‘long history’ of lying to American presidents. They warn that the US should be hesitant and that we have “every reason” to be skeptical of North Korea. According to these articles, Trump needs to be careful not to reward empty promises, or be too eager for an easy solution.

Leaning Left:

CNN: Why Pompeo meeting with Kim should make you sleep a little easier

NY Times: Secret Mission to North Korea Shows Trump’s Trust in Pompeo

The left focuses on the positives, and the benefits of the summit. They say that this meeting allows the American people to ‘breathe’ a little easier, because it shows that the Trump Administration is taking a diplomatic approach and that North Korea may be willing to make concessions. They say that while this meeting may be risky, it would be riskier to not hold the summit because it would be giving Kim Jong Un free reign. They call it a ‘bold diplomatic gamble.’

Historically untrustworthy

Kim Jong Un has a history of offering false promises. In February 2012, Un agreed to stop testing nuclear and long-range missiles. Just two months later, it is suspected that he continued testing ballistic missiles, attempting to hide the testing by launching satellites. One year later he began underground nuclear tests again. The left is correct that this upcoming summit is a good first step towards diplomatic relations, but the right is also correct that the American people need to be careful when trusting anything that Un promises.

Let's hope the meeting stays diplomatic



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