Hannity in Cahoots with Cohen? 🐳

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Cohen's secret 'client'

Sean Hannity has been revealed as another one of Michael Cohen’s unnamed clients. Reminder: Cohen is Trump’s personal lawyer who paid Stormy Daniels $130K in “hush money”. This has led to criticism of Hannity’s show, where he ‘railed’ against the FBI raids on Cohen’s hotel room, house, and office. Many believe this ruins his ‘impartial’ reporting and credibility on the FBI investigation.

Hannity doth protest

Sean Hannity denies all claims that he was working with Cohen, and says he asked Cohen “brief” legal questions. On Twitter he also said that Cohen had never represented him as a lawyer and that he never paid him any legal fees.

Leaning Right:

Washington Times: Sean Hannity says Michael Cohen conversations not significant enough to inform Fox News

The Hill: Tucker Carlson defends Hannity: 'Who he hires as a lawyer is nobody's business'

The right is saying that Hannity should be able to hire Cohen as a lawyer if he wants, without personal repercussions because it is no one’s ‘business’. According to the right, it is wrong to have invaded Cohen’s private space. This invasion violates attorney-client confidentiality, as well as privacy rights. They also believe Democrats are simply “grasping at straws.”

Leaning Left:

Baltimore Sun: Zurawik: Just when you thought Sean Hannity couldn't sink any lower ... enter the Michael Cohen conflict

Washington Post: Fox News must take tough action on Sean Hannity’s ethical failure. Don’t hold your breath.

The left says that being Cohen’s client is an “ethical conflict of interest” and that Hannity should be fired for hiding the information. The left calls Hannity’s actions “appalling”. They say that Fox News owes it to their audience to ‘discipline’ Hannity, but that it's unlikely because they have a history of concealing internal problems (Bill O’ReillyRoger Ailes).  The left criticizes Fox News and their history of allowing controversial employees to retain their jobs.

Did Hannity actually work with Cohen?

Fox News’s Judge Napolitano points out that Sean Hannity has conflicting stories. First, Hannity says that the raids at Cohen’s properties violate his attorney-client confidentiality. However, Hannity also says that Cohen never represented him and that he only used him for answers to brief legal inquiries. If Cohen never represented him, then Hannity wasn’t truly a client and doesn’t get attorney-client confidentiality. So which is true? Was he a client who deserves confidentiality? Or was he never a client at all? It seems like Hannity is in a lose-lose situation here.

Bagels make me feel better too, Sean



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