Kicked Out of Starbucks in Handcuffs ☕🍵

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Starbucks embroiled in racial controversy

Two black men were sitting in a Starbucks in Philly, waiting on a colleague to arrive before ordering. Starbucks employees called the police, saying they were ‘trespassing’, and denied them access to the restrooms since they “were not customers”. Police showed up and the men refused to leave, which led to their arrest. Here’s a video of the whole drama.


The public has not been forgiving of the incident, even after Starbucks’ CEO Kevin Johnson promised to apologize to the men face-to-face. #BoycottStarbucks has been making the rounds on Twitter. Patrons want Starbucks to take action against the employees who called the police.

Leaning Right:

Fox News (local): Philly police chief defends controversial Starbucks arrest

The Blaze: The liberal outrage mob is now boycotting Starbucks — the reason why is very ironic

The right calls this Starbucks getting ‘a taste of the left’s own medicine’. They see this as ironic, because the “liberal outrage mob” is going after the liberal Starbucks corporation, the same way they have various conservative groups. They also say that the police did nothing wrong. The employees are at fault for racial profiling and reporting a normal occurrence as ‘trespassing’ because of race.

Leaning Left:

The Root: Starbucks Witness: Implicit Bias Exists and White People Need to Speak Up When They See It

CNN: Starbucks CEO calls arrest of two black men at Philadelphia store 'reprehensible'

The left makes this more about race than politics. They say the police were used as “tools of terror” against two innocent customers at Starbucks, and that no amount of damage control can fix what has been done. The left says police share culpability in this because they chose to arrest the two men even though there was no crime committed. The men’s refusal to leave is seen as a normal response from someone facing false accusations.

Making things worse…

One of the biggest contributing factors in the Starbucks boycott actually has nothing to do with the arrest in Philadelphia. Just last year, Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks, spoke out against white supremacists. He was responding to the violence that broke out at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. Many customers are outraged over the hypocrisy of Starbucks condemning white supremacy while their employees practice it.

Starbucks meetings - R.I.P.



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