Paul Ryan to Fly the Coop 🐦


Leaving for the fam

After months of speculation, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has announced that he is retiring at the end of this year when his term ends. Democrats view this as an opportunity to launch themselves into the majority in the House during this year's midterm elections, but Republicans are saying 'in your dreams'.

Why's he leaving?

Some believe that Ryan is tired of dealing with the Trump presidency. Ryan said he just wants more family time.

Leaning Right:

Daily Caller: Paul Ryan Doesn’t Believe His Retirement Will Hurt GOP In Midterms

Breitbart: Ryan: I’m Retiring in January to Spend More Time with My Family

The right believes Ryan’s retirement won't affect other Republicans since their personal campaigns do not “hinge” on Ryan being the House Speaker. They also say it is a “deeply personal” decision, and that after 20 years in Congress it doesn’t come as a shock to anyone. Lastly, they focus on the family angle, quoting Ryan saying a “great honor” in his life is being a husband and dad, and that it is a ‘fleeting’ position that he wants to dedicate more time to.

Leaning Left:

Business Insider: Paul Ryan's retirement could signal a disastrous midterm election cycle for Republicans

BBC: US House Speaker Paul Ryan to quit in blow to Republicans 

The left believes Ryan’s retirement will directly affect the outcome of the midterms. They say it may be ‘disastrous’ for Republicans since it could ‘signal’ to other GOP members that fighting for re-election is not worth it. The left points out that 44 Republicans will not seek re-election this year, more than double the amount of Dems. Dems need to flip 24 of those seats to win the majority. They say Ryan’s retirement may rock the boat enough to push other Republicans into retirement, opening more seats.

Who will fill Paul Ryan's seat?

Two candidates have already lined up. Randy ‘ironstache’ Bryce is the Democrat candidate and Paul Nehlen is the alt-right competitor. Both have had controversies in their careers. Nehlen has been accused of being a ‘white supremacist’ and is actually “no longer welcome in the Republican party” because of his ‘bigoted rhetoric and racism’. Bryce has struggled with monetary issues, including falling two years behind on child support payments. Let's make Congress great again?



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