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Free speech violation?

Laura Ingraham, the host of The Ingraham Angle on Fox News, is claiming that the left is stifling her First Amendment right to free speech. She posted a controversial tweet taking a dig at gun-control activist David Hogg, a student survivor from FL's recent school shooting. Hogg responded by asking for a mass boycott of advertisers that supported Ingraham’s show. Ingraham said that this was an attempt to silence conservative viewpoints.

Advertisers that pulled the plug on Ingraham

Hulu, Office Depot, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Johnson and Johnson, Bayer, Honda, Nestle, + others for a total of 19

Leaning Right:

Chicago Tribune: Free speech takes another hit from thin-skinned liberals

Talking Points Memo: Laura Ingraham Returns, Vows To Fight ‘Stalinist’ Effort To Stifle Free Speech

The right backs up Ingraham’s statements that “bullies” on the left have been silencing conservative voices. They say the left ’evicts opponents’ with alternative views instead of debating them. The right also focuses on the fact that Ingraham has already apologized for any harm the tweet may have caused, and pointed out that the tweet was not terribly serious to begin with. It wasn’t even about gun control, they say.

Leaning Left:

Inquisitr: Laura Ingraham Says Her First-Amendment Rights Are Being Attacked: They Are Not

Badger Herald: Laura Ingraham boycott not about free speech, but free market

The left says the majority of companies ‘distancing themselves’ from Ingraham are doing so to protect company sales and prevent any backlash from being associated with Ingraham. Essentially, they're taking Switzerland approach. The left claims that this is not about silencing conservatives’ free speech at all, and is merely the way the free market works. The left also points out that the constitution protects American citizens from the government restricting free speech. It says nothing about ‘private enterprise’.

Are the advertisers violating free speech?

Knowing what the First Amendment covers can be tricky, but it's true that it's only guaranteed by the government and not private enterprises. As a result, companies like the ones that advertise on Ingraham's show are allowed to call it quits if they don't like what they hear. They did it to save themselves from drama, but it may end up hurting them anyway if enough Ingraham viewers decide to retaliate against the advertisers. 

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