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Twitter Boxing Match

Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity (Fox News) have been sparring on Twitter after Kimmel made fun of Melania Trump’s accent on his show. Sean Hannity entered the ring to defend the First Lady with a heated tweet. Kimmel responded with a quip many LGBTQ+ members interpreted as anti-gay, which led to a petition with 50,000 people demanding a boycott of Kimmel’s show. In the end, Kimmel tweeted an apology, hoping to end the feud. See the chain of tweets here.

Leaning Right:

Fox News: Outrage at Kimmel comments on Melania surges as protest petition exceeds 50K signatures

Daily Caller: Jimmy Kimmel Sends Bizarre, Graphic Tweets About Sean Hannity — Gets Slammed By His Own Side

The right points out the media ‘double standard’, saying that if a Republican had made remarks like Kimmel, the left media would be all over it. They focus on the homophobic and misogynistic angle, saying that Kimmel has a history of demeaning women, referring to his segments on The Man Show. The right also says Kimmel’s apology reads insincere, pointing out that he never apologizes to Melania Trump, instead calling his comments a “harmless and silly aside”.

Leaning Left:

CNN: Sean Hannity, who mocked Michelle Obama, says it's wrong to mock Melania Trump

Inquisitor: Sean Hannity, Who Defended Trump Mocking Disabled Reporter, Demands Jimmy Kimmel Apologize For Mocking Melania

The left focuses on Hannity’s double standard, saying that it is “hypocrisy” for Hannity to call out Kimmel. They point out that Hannity had a reputation for mocking Michelle Obama, and that he defended the president when Trump allegedly made fun of a disabled reporter. They also say that comparing Kimmel to Harvey Weinstein is “demeaning” to the countless sexual assault victims that suffered at his hands.

The rise of public Twitter?

Kimmel and Hannity aren't the only public figures to use Twitter to have a public argument. President Trump regularly uses it to make important political statements, announce staff changes and send his own heated tweets. But why are public figures using a social media platform this way? In the age of Trump, Twitter has become an increasingly important source of information on what the White House is thinking. Trump likes it because it gives him a direct line to Americans, similar to FDR’s use of radio and JFK’s use of television - both growing technologies of their time. Check out NPR’s segment on the president and his Twitter use (5 min).

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