Chemical Weapons in Syria ☠️

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Attack on civilians

Reports flooded in about a chemical weapons attack in Syria this past Saturday, which injured or killed more than 80 civilians. It was most likely perpetrated by Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria, against his own people. Trump recently withdrew U.S. troops from Syria. The attack appears to have been targeting rebel groups in Syria's ongoing seven-year civil war. 

Fess up?

The Syrian government has not taken responsibility for the chemical attacks. Instead, they have blamed the rebel groups in Ghouta, saying they are spreading ‘false news’ since the rebel groups are in disarray. They also blame the U.S., saying that this chemical attack is a ‘fabrication’ that was used to justify a U.S. missile strike against the Syrian military airbase.

Leaning Right:

Town Hall: President Trump Slams Putin & Iran For Latest Chemical Attack

Front Page Media: Three Ways Obama Caused The Syrian Disaster

The right says that Obama is to blame for this horrific attack, for three reasons:

  1. The Iraq withdrawal
  2. The Arab Spring
  3. The Iran Deal

They also blame Russian president Vladimir Putin and the Iranian government for supporting and encouraging Assad, who Trump calls an “animal.”

Leaning Left:

Washington Post: Trump’s weakness on Syria opens the door for more chemical attacks

The Guardian: Donald Trump's response to Syria gas attack: blame Obama

The left says Trump is partly responsible for this attack since he made the U.S. look ‘weak’ by pulling American troops out of Syria, giving Assad the advantage he needed. They say he needs to take action against Assad, and stand by the ‘red line’ policy instated by Obama, which says the U.S. will intervene if Assad uses chemical weapons. They also criticize him for blaming current problems on Obama, saying he is avoiding taking responsibility for his part in the attacks. 

Which side is true?

Syria is blaming the Ghouta rebels, and the United States. The United States is blaming Russia and Syria. Meanwhile, Russia is blaming Israel for follow-up air strikes. With so many stories floating around, it’s hard to tell what really happened. What we do know is that American military radar systems say a Syrian Air Force “Sukhoi Su-22 fixed-wing” aircraft left the military base the day of the bombings and flew over the estimated bombing locations. It seems more than probable that Syria did bomb its own civilians

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