No Good Trade-Off with China 💱


Tit for tat tariffs

Last month, Trump placed tariffs on steel and aluminum, targeting China. Now, he’s looking at instating 25% tariffs on an additional $50 billion worth of Chinese goods. The Chinese have retaliated by assembling a list of their own items to place tariffs on - also 25% for some items and totaling $50 billion of U.S. merchandise.

What are the tariffs on?

China is placing tariffs on:

  • Soybeans
  • Automobiles 
  • Whiskey 

bU.S. is placing tariffs on:

  • Machinery
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Technological goods

Here's the full U.S. list (pg. 14) and the full China list.

Leaning Right:

Fox News: China is no friend to the US -- Trump is right to take it on

SCMP: Trump is no dangerous idiot, as his nifty diplomacy on North Korea and China trade shows

The right says this conflict was unavoidable. They say Trump is “right” to have cracked down on China, and believe China is not a real ally of the U.S. The right also points out that Trump’s “strongman” techniques have gotten the U.S. where it wants to be, including “outplaying” China on trade. They claim that the tough tariffs Trump placed on China are what forced President Xi Jinping to remove barriers that restricted foreign investors in China’s financial sector.

Leaning Left:

Market Watch: Trump’s unwinnable trade war with China

Business Insider: The Trump-China 'intimidation trade game' is getting ugly — and a trade war could be fast approaching

The left focuses on calling this a “trade war” that is “unwinnable” and “destructive”. They say the U.S. loses regardless of the outcome of the trade war. Americans will suffer for two reasons. First, half of all Chinese imports to the U.S. are household goods - like your iPhonesand Nikes! Second, tariffs on machinery and industrial supplies will raise costs for American companies - making them less competitive globally and hurting U.S. jobs. Thus, even if Trump ‘wins’ by subduing China with tariffs, he will still be hurting the American people

Will Trump's "strongman" tactic work?

Many are less worried about Trump's tariffs and more worried about his handling of foreign affairs. His “strongman” technique is unusual for an American president and is primarily seen in countries ruled by dictators. However, this strategy may actually be valuable in the current global climate. Several world leaders (including Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Rodrigo Duterte) appear to be using this technique in negotiations right now. Trump may simply be trying to keep up with the world's rising powers and using their tactics against them. But it's also just his personality...

Is it real or just for show?

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