Beefing up Security at the Border 👮

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Military Border Patrol

Lately, Trump’s been tweeting about "caravans" of people illegally crossing into the U.S. and the need for Congress to take action by changing immigration laws. His latest proposal is to deploy the troops to guard the southern border. Trump has also proposed using military funding to build a wall.

Guarding the border

Trump wants to send military soldiers to aid border patrol in capturing and stopping illegal immigrants. This will be a temporary solution just “until we can have a wall and proper security”.

Building the wall

Trump has been brainstorming ways to use military funding to build the wall. One way would be to take $25 billion from the Pentagon’s $700 billion budget. He would skip Congressional approval by doing it in the name of national security.

Leaning Right:

PJ Media: Mr. President, Deploy the Military to the Border. This is War.

Fox News: Trump would not be firstpresident to send National Guard soldiers to US-Mexico border

The right is focusing on the ‘invasion’ by illegal immigrants. They believe that using the military makes perfect sense. It has been done before by Bush (Operation Jump Start) and Obama (Operation Phalanx) and is now being used in a crisis to protect national security. According to the right, this move would be keeping illegal aliens along with “drugs, weapons, and contraband” out of the country. They also call the continued inflow of illegal immigrants an “army” of “invaders” that Trump is rightfully seeking to stop.

Leaning Left:

CNN: Some lawmakers don't want military involved with the border wall

Bloomberg: The Military Shouldn't Pay for Trump's Wall. No One Should

The left is focusing on the limited effectiveness of military at the border and lawmakers’ disapproval of the idea. They highlight that the military wouldn’t be able to ‘detain migrants’ at the border since the Posse Comitatus Act prevents the military from acting as law enforcement on US soil. They also note that in the past, the military has been used in strictly a ‘supporting’ role to the border patrol, instead of as part of the border patrol itself. Lastly, the left quotes lawmakers who say this could lead to an “escalation of conflict”.

Why is the president talking about caravans?

It’s possible Trump was reacting to a Fox News broadcast that discussed a large group of migrants headed in the United State’s direction (as we covered yesterday). The broadcast notes that although the group of mostly Honduran migrants number around 1,200, it is unclear how many of them will try to seek asylum in the U.S. Trump's claim that they are all headed to the U.S. is shaky since no one yet knows the group’s motives.

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