Trump Gives Russian Diplomats The Boot 👢

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Russian to leave

Trump has expelled 60 Russian diplomats from the US after Russia allegedly tried to assassinate an ex-spy in the United Kingdom. Sergei Skripal, his daughter, and a British police officer were severely injured by a nerve agent known to be used by the Russian government. At least 21 other countries including Britain, Ukraine, Australia, and Spain have also expelled Russian diplomats in response to the attack.

No more Mr. Nice Guy

The White House says these expulsions will reduce the number of Russian spies operating in the States. The move is popular because it takes a more aggressive approach towards Putin and Russia, which critics and foreign policy experts have consistently claimed is necessary.

Leaning Right:

Wall Street Journal: Trump’s Russia Policy Is Better than It Sounds

The Daily Caller: Even Bill Kristol Is Saying What Trump Did Is A ‘Nice Little Step In The Right Direction’

The right focuses on the “encouraging trend” in the WH of undermining Putin. This trend includes arming Ukraine, various sanctions on Russia, and undercutting petroleum prices. The right also notes how this expulsion has united Americans, including those who dislike Trump, and how this is a "step in the right direction". They highlight how this move strengthens our alliances by showing solidarity with other world powers.

Leaning Left:

The Atlantic: Trump's 'Good Relationship' With Russia Is Slipping Away

Financial Times: Trump baffles with hot-cold approach to Russia

The left focuses on how Trump has sent the public conflicting messages regarding Russia, calling his approach ‘hot and cold’. They point to the stark difference between Trump congratulating Putin on being re-elected and this new mass expulsion. Overall, the left believes Trump has not been firm enough with Russia and has failed to hit 'em where it hurts, so to speak, with financial sanctions.

Will this lead to WW3?

Russia is not thrilled with the expulsions of key diplomats and is promising retaliation in the form of a tit-for-tat expulsion of western diplomats. This appears to be the extent of their counterattack though. This only makes sense, says the WSJ, since Russia has become a “waning international power” with Putin in charge, and has an economy that is highly reliant on high oil prices. Russia may be aggressive, but they don't have many friends on their side at the moment.

US to Russians

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