Serial Bombings 🥣


Explosions around Austin, TX

By now, you've probably heard Austin has been dealing with a serial bomber. Five bombs, hidden in packages, have gone off this month in or near Austin. Police are saying 23-year-old Mark Conditt is responsible. "Exotic" batteries used in all of the bombs allowed investigators to link the bombings to one serial bomber.

Remind me where they happened

Three of the bombs detonated at private residences, tucked inside packages sent to the homes. The last two bombings were isolated events, with one bomb being triggered by a tripwire, and the other going off at a FedEx location. 

The damage?

Two people died and four were injured. The bomber killed himself with a final bomb when it was clear that police were closing in.

Leaning Right:

The Daily Caller: CNN Injects Race Into Austin Bombing

Fox 5 News: Austin bombing suspect identified, but motive still a mystery


The right says the media is using a ‘hate crime narrative’ to get more views/clicks/retweets. They also say the media is blowing the 'racist' angle way out of proportion since the bombing victims were not ALL people of color. Lastly, they point out that no one knows the bomber’s reasons for committing the crimes. As a result, calling the bombings racially driven is unfounded.

Leaning Left:

Huffington Post: Package Bombings Reveal The Racist Underbelly Of Austin

Oxygen: Were The Austin Package Bombing Victims Targeted By A Racist Serial Killer?


The left says the bombings were racially driven because two of the victims were part of families with major ties to the African American community in Austin. They also point out that it is unlikely to be a coincidence, since the city is predominantly caucasian, with only a 6% black population. They also bring up Conditt’s conservative views, which they gathered from a blog he wrote in 2012.

Was the bomber racist?

Austin PD found a 25-minute confession video on the bomber’s phone but it did not provide a motive or mention any terror/hate-related references. So far, there is no hard proof that Mark Conditt committed the bombings due to racism. It’s possible that the media is postulating about racism to boost key metrics. Until we have more information, we have to take a wait and see approach.



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