School Shooting #??? 🤔

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Teen shooter fires at peers

Yesterday, a school in Maryland was the latest victim of a school shooting. A 17-year-old student shot two students, one who is critically injured. A school resource officer jumped in soon after the shooting began and is credited with preventing further fatalities. The only fatality was the shooter himself.

Good news right?

It's certainly good news that the shooting was not a bigger disaster. Pro-gun advocates are using this as a positive example [WATCH: NRA TV] of a "good guy with a gun", while anti-gun advocates aren't buying it. 

Pro-Gun Advocates:

The Hill: Pavlich: A good guy with a gun stops a school shooting

NY Sun: Good Man With a Gun Brings School Shooting To a Halt in Maryland


The right believes this shooting is a perfect example of what guns in schools can do to prevent mass violence and validates the idea of giving trained teachers guns. They note that generally putting more guns in schools isn't a new proposal since Bill Clinton also requested additional resources for armed school officers in the 90s. Secondarily, they note that 50% of voters want school staff to carry guns and that many teachers are willing to do so.

Anti-Gun Advocates:

Vice News: The NRA finally found a school shooting it wants to talk about

Baltimore Sun: A good guy with a gun may have saved lives in a Md. school — a trained good guy in uniform


The left agrees that this was a 'good guy with a gun' that potentially saved lives, however, he is a trained professional whose primary purposeis to protect students. They say this doesn't validate Trump's suggestion of arming teachers, who might not have reacted in the same way. They also call out the NRA for happily speaking up after this school shooting only because it fit their narrative.

Was this story covered fairly?

The NRA was quick to jump on the media and criticize them pre-emptively for not providing this story enough coverage. How much is enough is objective, but it is worth noting that all major outlets covered this story and many explicitly gave credit to the school's officer for stopping the shooter. See CNNand WaPo as two examples. 


Thanks Officer Gaskill



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