Trump Sues The Golden State ⚒

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Suit targets three Cali immigration laws

These pro-immigration laws enable sanctuary cities within the state. The Trump administration says that the laws are interfering with the enforcement of federal immigration laws and defy the Supremacy Clause of the constitution, which says federal law takes precedence over state laws.

A long history

Trump and California have been at ‘war’ over immigration laws for months. This new lawsuit may be in response to Mayor Libby Schaaf’s warning to immigrants in Oakland, CA of a secret Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid. She prevented “scores” of immigrants from being caught by federal agents.

The right believes Trump is right to sue California because sanctuary cities are unconstitutional. They say California is “defiant” of the president and that they are preventing Congress from defending our “homeland”. They also say that Oakland mayor Schaaf endangered the lives of peace officers by warning immigrants of their arrival.

The left spins the lawsuit as a war on immigrants that will eventually backfire on Trump. They believe that if Trump loses, it will open the door for other states to get around his immigration policies. The author of one of Cali’s pro-immigration laws, Kevin de Leon, stands firm in the face of the suit, saying that his law is a protection against “racist, xenophobic” policies.

Is the lawsuit justified?

State’s rights are important. This is foundational to the existence of the United States. However, immigration can impact the entire country based on the acts of an individual state. For that reason, immigration is something that is driven by federal law. One state’s actions can have adverse impacts on other states. On the other hand, California is not stopping ICE from doing their job, they simply refuse to help ICE in what they believe is unconstitutional.



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