Is there 'chaos' in the White House? 💣

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"No chaos, only great energy"

Trump tweeted that in response to media reports of “chaos” in the White House. Critics said Trump “thrives” on chaos and referenced his dwindling staff, who have either quit or been fired, as evidence. WH supporters believe the media is creating drama where there shouldn’t be any.

What chaos do they speak of?

  • Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn is planning to resign after disagreeing with Trump’s steel tariffs
  • WH Communications Director Hope Hicks resigned after admitting she told white lies for Trump
  • Senior Communications Official Josh Raffel resigned after facing scrutiny in Mueller's Russia probe
  • Senior Advisor Jared Kushner was demoted and lost his top-secret security clearance

The right says that stories about chaos in the WH are “overblown”. They look at how Trump has passed major tax cuts and driven back ISIS, saying that what others call ‘chaos’ they call ‘success and productivity’. They say the reports that Trump is angry are false, claiming he seemed “relaxed” and “self-deprecating” at the Gridiron.

The left says that “morale is the worst it’s ever been”, and that the White House is in chaos after so many “high profile departures”. They blame Trump for the upheaval, quoting him at the Gridiron Club saying, “I like chaos. It really is good." They also say that Trump is fuming after all the media scandals, claiming his anger is the reason for the fear and low morale in the staff.

Is chaos a problem?

The White House lost a record number of staff in its first year. Many of Trump’s own staff members have said that morale is low, and that people are scared of Trump’s unpredictable nature. However, is chaos really a problem? The White House is still ticking off top agenda items like tax reform and jobs. Perhaps the White House is simply moving forward into a new season with better staff. 

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