Pence-ive About Abortion 🤔

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Pence says: let there be life!

VP Mike Pence was speaking at a pro-life conference in Tennessee last week where he talked about his hope for ending abortion ‘in our time’. While many thought his speech was a step closer to "winning the fight for life", others saw it as "attacking public health and human rights."

Back it up

Pence has always been vocal about his pro-life views. He supported the failed TrumpCare bill largely due to its attempt to ban Medicaid recipients from getting health care from places that perform abortions (targeting places like Planned Parenthood). When he was Governor of Indiana, he attempted to pass a law that would prohibit abortions sought due to fetal abnormalities.

The right focuses on Pence’s ‘pro-life’ views and his fight to regain the ‘sanctity of life’. They talk about millennials’ “growing opposition” to abortion, and how the numbers are in favor of pro-life, with nearly 60% of Americans saying they believe “abortion is morally wrong”. Their main point is that Pence is right to work towards making abortion illegal since most of America is in favor.

The left focuses on calling Pence ‘anti-choice’ and ‘anti-abortion’. They talk about how before abortion became legal in 1973, many women died from the unsafe and unregulated conditions in illegal abortions. Their point is that if Pence and Trump try to make abortion illegal, it will “merely drive [abortion] underground”, and cause more “needless deaths”. The left articles go so far as to say that Pence doesn’t care for women’s “lives, health, or history”.s. 

Will abortions be illegal?

Maternal deaths have dropped 5x since abortion became legal. Legalizing abortion forces clinics to meet proper medical standards and provide safe treatments. However, just because legalizing something results in safer conditions, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. Millennials are growing more supportive of pro-life efforts. This generation could see an end to legal abortion if the trend continues and Republicans decide to make it a core legislative issue

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