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The Supreme Court said ‘no thanks’ to  Trump’s appeal regarding DACA on Monday, stating that he must go through the “proper legal pathways” first. Trump had asked the Supreme Court to ‘review’ a previous ruling by Judge William Alsup of California, which requires the government to extend DACA protection for Dreamers until Congress finds a solution. 

What’s up with the Supreme Court? 
By refusing Trump’s request for review, the Supreme Court has given Dreamers more time. DACA will now remain alive beyond the original end date of March 5th. The Supreme Court says they declined for legal reasons, but critics have said that they are deliberately undermining Trump, and that they don’t want to “tip their hand” about DACA. 

The right says the Supreme Court is biased on this issue and that they are delaying a decision regarding DACA because they want to set back Trump’s immigration schedule. They quote the White House, which has openly rebuked the Supreme Court for letting “far left” district judges force a continuation of DACA. They say that Judge Alsup’s actions are an “usurpation of legislative authority”, since Congress has “explicitly and repeatedly” condemned DACA.

The left says Trump has been “torpedoing bipartisan efforts”, and that Judge Alsup is right to impose an extension of DACA until a solution can be agreed upon.  Immigration advocates call the Supreme Court’s decision to reject Trump’s appeal “a victory”, which will give Dreamers and immigrants a break. 

Is Judge Alsup stepping out of bounds? 
DACA is a controversial topic and any move that will affect ~680,000 immigrants in the program requires careful evaluation. The ruling by Judge Alsup, a district judge from Cali, has nationwide implications and is borderline “illegal intervention” in the legislative process. Federal district judges from across the country have started exercising their powers on issues that have nationwide implications in what seems like an effort to get in the way of Trump, based on their own political biases. Remember when a judge from Hawaii blocked the travel ban?



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