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60 minutes of controversy
In a recent 60 Minutes segment, Oprah Winfrey interviewed 14 American voters with varying political affiliations. She was following up after her interview with them last year subsequent to the election, asking questions about whether their feelings on Trump had changed since the first interview. After the piece aired, Trump tweeted about how the questions were “biased and slanted”, and that the segment was filled with “incorrect facts". Watch the full segment here

What exactly was asked? 
Oprah asked several standard questions, such as, “How many people here voted for him?”, and “How many of you would vote for him again?”. However, she also asked questions about Trump’s stability and fitness for office, and about his remarks regarding Haiti. These last questions are most likely what Trump’s tweet was about.

The right says that Winfrey asked leading questions about Trump’s most controversial remarks and deliberately mentioned his unflattering poll numbers, “inviting the panelists to question the president’s fitness for office as well.” They also go into detail regarding the rumors that she would run for president, talking about how some thought her remarks were a political power play.

The left says that Donald Trump’s response is a “hate tweet” with no real substance. They quote Winfrey who said she was “working very hard to do the opposite of what I was hate-tweeted about”, adding that during the editing process she told the editing team to include more Republican commentary because she wanted to make sure the segment was balanced. 

Is Oprah biased or a hate-tweet victim? 
Some of Oprah’s questions may appear leading, but the majority of them were about relevant topics and questions on the current presidency that any host might ask voters. She also appeared genuinely shocked that Trump had attacked the segment on Twitter, saying that she tried to remain impartial, which despite her liberal political beliefs, seems to be the case.


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