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Billy Graham, a prominent evangelical pastor, gained his fame through powerful speaking on television and radio, preaching to nearly 200 million people over his lifetime. Graham was also a counselor to a dozen US presidents and prayed with every president since Truman.

He's gone?
Graham died on Wednesday, at 99 years old. Melania and Donald Trump wrote Twitter posts about how Graham ‘will be missed’, saying ‘there was no one like him’, joining in with several other former presidents in a Twitter tribute to the religious icon.

Those who say Graham was a homophobic bigot focus on how he used his power as a religious leader to teach anti-homosexuality, and “push discrimination” against atheists and gays. They point to his desire to implement legislation that would, “jail or execute someone just for loving someone of the same sex.” They say that his homophobia outweighs the good that he did for those who watched his programs or went to his evangelical crusades.

Those who call Graham a legend focus on his “life and legacy”, noting the thousands of Americans who have been commemorating Graham’s lifelong ministry. They tout his commitment to social issues, such as civil rights, which he had a massive influence on. Supporters look at how Graham was friends with MLK, who said that Graham was partially responsible for the change in race equality that MLK advocated.

Hero or bigot?
Billy Graham was a very influential religious leader who shared messages of hope with thousands of people. Graham may fit the bill as a "homophobe" today, but we have to keep in mind that, at nearly 100 years old, he was from a past era. He was not the typical cultural warrior against homosexuality like his peers. He may have gone too far at times, but overall he maintained a positive message of genuine love for others.


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