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Drama in the keystone state
Pennsylvania Democrats just dropped a new congressional map for the state. Republicans are calling foul as they believe it favors Democrats and current political leadership. However, dems claim the whole reason for the new map is because the original GOP-drawn map was filled with ‘partisan gerrymandering’.

Remind me about gerrymandering
Gerrymandering is the practice of dividing up districts in a way to provide a political advantage to a particular party. A political party in charge might redraw district lines so that voters from the opposing party are divided up in a way that doesn’t make sense and marginalizes their vote. Watch this video as an explainer or take a look at the chart below.


The right is calling the new map a ‘power grab’ and saying that it is an ‘affront’ to decades of precedent. They quote Trump who called the map ‘pushed’, and talk about how Republicans will most likely take the matter to federal court, and potentially the supreme court. A spokesman for the NRCC said the new map created, “chaos, confusion, and unnecessary expense” and needs to be removed.


The left spins this on the right by blaming them for originally gerrymandering the Pennsylvania congressional map. They claim that Republican gerrymandering in 2011 left Pennsylvania with districts divisions so contorted that one is nicknamed ‘Goofy Kicking Donald Duck’. They see the new map as a way to fix the districts so that “all that zigging and zagging is gone”. They also refer to the Supreme Court in Pennsylvania, which ruled last month that “partisan interests” were placed above “neutral line-drawing criteria” in the GOP map, as validation for their claims.  

Who really did the gerrymandering? 
Well, it looks like both the democrats and republicans indulged in a little bit of a Twister game with the congressional map to make it advantageous for themselves. Both parties seem to be guilty at some point in history. What we need is to work towards putting neutrality above partisan politics to make things fair. Like David Hawkings said, “Constituents should choose their representatives, not the other way around, where the representatives are essentially choosing their own constituents..”


Yes, they care about more than just Biebz



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