Teenagers take charge 📣


What’s the deal?
After experiencing the horrible shooting that occured last week, the students of Stoneman Douglas High School are taking action. The students are sparking a huge nationwide campaign protesting gun laws. One of the students, senior Emma Gonzales, delivered a now-viral speech attacking gun laws and demanding change. She has captured the public imagination and become the face of the student-led movement. Watch it here.

Teens, assemble! 
Teenagers from all around the country are rallying around this movement, and Stoneman Douglas students are utilizing social media to mobilize support. #NeverAgain and #Enough lit up on Twitter, and a nationwide walkout for students is expected to take place March 14.

The right finds it "despicable" that the media is using these students’ suffering as a tool to advance the left’s political agenda. They believe the left is purposely politicizing the teens’ trauma and using them as pawns in their political chess game. The right also criticize the media coverage following the incident, which they believe, focused more on demanding gun reform instead of reporting the actual shooting.

The left beams with pride that even though most of these teens couldn’t vote in the last election, they are making their voices heard. They commend the students for taking action and not accepting what they see as the typical Republican response of ‘Our thoughts and prayers go out to you’ after every tragedy.

The path forward
Typically, mass shootings have led to little more than sensationalized headlines from both sides, but this time it could be different. Teenagers as a whole have never been this vocal or forceful before in the political process. These kids are the voters of the future and if this continues to gain traction, it could be a turning point in the gun control debate.


Yes, they care about more than just Biebz



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