Ex-Advisors Going Wild 🤪


Ex-Trump advisor defies Mueller on cable news

Sam Nunberg, a former advisor to President Trump, did a tour of the cable news shows yesterday and suggested that Trump may have done something illegal during the campaign. Nunberg also said he’d ignore a subpoena to appear before a grand jury convened by special counsel Mueller in the Russia investigation.

Who is this guy and can he do that? 

Nunberg advised President Trump for several years leading up to the 2016 campaign. He was fired a few months into the campaign after his racially insensitive social media posts surfaced. Disobeying a subpoena can be the basis for arrest…you can’t ghost the special counsel the way you can a boring Tinder date.

He said some interesting things on TV

  • "I'm not cooperating. Arrest me."
  • "Trump can’t keep his f*cking mouth shut"
  • "I think Mueller has enough on Trump"
  • Plenty of other quotes here

The right dismisses Nunberg as a kook who was only briefly on Trump's campaign: his behavior is not a reflection of the president and his assertions are not to be believed, the right argues. Most interestingly, CNN’s Erin Burnett said she smelled alcohol on his breath during their interview, so some outlets on the right dismiss Nunberg’s outbursts as those of a drunk.

The left mostly sidesteps the spectacle of what Nunberg said and focuses on the progress Mueller’s investigation is making. Mueller has ordered Nunberg to supply all email exchanges with Steve Bannon, Carter Page, Donald Trump Jr., and other associates of the president, a signal that the special counsel is perhaps encircling the president.

Should Nunberg be heard or dismissed?

Mostly dismissed. Will he cooperate with the Mueller investigation? He will, or he’ll almost certainly go to jail (he’s already walking back on his defiance). Did Trump “do something” with the Russians during the campaign? We can’t say – that’s what Mueller is trying to figure out – but we probably shouldn’t trust Nunberg since he didn’t actually work on the campaign very long. Does Mueller “have enough on Trump”? Time will tell, but let’s not take the word of the guy cursing on TV. Get a taste of his interview here


Nunberg getting his 15 min of fame



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