The Hidden Agenda #24 🕵️🔍



We're back with #23 of our Hidden Agenda series. The idea is to expose the hidden agenda in stories that are mostly being reported on one side of the conversation.


1If you have time, reading the articles in this segment will better help you understand the point we're trying to make.

RIGHT TOPIC: Lester Holt and NBC nightly news

Fox News: Embarrassment for NBC's Lester Holt as struggling 'Nightly News' sinks in ratings

LEFT TOPIC: Jon Stewart supports Samantha Bee

CNN: Jon Stewart addresses Samantha Bee controversy

Summary: NBC Nightly News continues to fall behind ABC in ratings - this comes after perceived liberal missteps

Hidden agenda: NBC News and Lester Holt are liberals and it is costing them dearly

Indicators in the article:

  • Calls their ratings a “new low”
  • Connects this problem with Lester Holt being an unfair moderator at a Trump/Clinton debate and being too soft on North Korea
  • Also connects it to NBC’s association with MSNBC - a more left-leaning outlet

What's missing:




Summary: Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump the C-word. Jon Stewart, her former boss, said she shouldn't apologize because the right is being hypocritical.

Hidden agenda: Samantha Bee is a victim of hypocrisy and you should watch her show

Indicators in the article:

  • CNN victimizes Bee and downplays any fault by saying the controversy “put her in the crosshairs of critics”
  • CNN simply inserts Jon Stewart's claims without follow up questions
  • Stewart says the right has created a moral code that they don’t have to follow
  • Stewart claims that Trump and the right probably use such sexist terms frequently

    What's missing:

  • Evidence to back up the accusation of alleged hypocrisy
  • Is alleged hypocrisy from the other side an excuse to not apologize?
  • Was this a publicity stunt so we all watch Samantha Bee address it? Her ratings were low before the comment


    Lester Holt is a registered Republican?



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