The Hidden Agenda #11 🕵️🔍



We're back with #11 of our Hidden Agenda series. The idea is to expose the hidden agenda in stories that are mostly being reported on one side of the conversation.


1If you have time, reading the articles in this segment will better help you understand the point we're trying to make.

Right Topic: Ivanka Trump’s airline choice

Fox News: Ivanka Trump flew commercial to the Olympics

Left Topic: Manhattan is considering a congestion tax, similar to London's

NY Times: 3 Far-Flung Cities Offer Clues to Unsnarling Manhattan's Streets

Hidden agenda: The Trumps are populist and just like you and me!

Indicators in the article:

  • Quotes Olympian asking Ivanka if she can fly back on “Air Force One”
  • Quotes Ivanka's tweet which says “we’re rolling commercial” to highlight that she is not as elitist as people think
  • Refers to her as “the mother-of-three” to highlight her as a family woman

What's missing:

  • Commercial doesn’t mean coach
  • Was it first class and how much did it cost?
  • “Air Force One” is only for the president anyway



    Hidden agenda: Taxes are the answer to regulating human problems, such as traffic

    Indicators in the article:

    • Article focuses on success of congestion taxes in three cities
    • Only one paragraph at the end that addresses whether these congestion taxes are more about raising money than solving congestion
    • Blames ride-hailing services like Uber for causing congestion to increase, since they are exempt from the tax

    What's missing

    •  hat are other solutions besides taxes? Approaches in other cities?
    • Discussion on how private innovation could solve these problems (Uber pool, etc.)
    • What about tax breaks for corporations that allow people to work from home?

    My Uber is here



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