The Hidden Agenda #12 🕵️🔍



We're back with #12 of our Hidden Agenda series. The idea is to expose the hidden agenda in stories that are mostly being reported on one side of the conversation.


1If you have time, reading the articles in this segment will better help you understand the point we're trying to make.

Right Topic: Review of "dumb" political statements

Fox News: 'Senator, At Least 'Try' Not to Sound Racist': Watters Recalls the Dumbest Things Politicians Said Recently [WATCH]

Left Topic: Canadian PMJustin Trudeau’s fam visits India Justin Trudeau’s Son, 3, Lies Down & Does Whatever The Hell Else He Wants On Trip To India

Hidden agenda: Listen to these Democrats and liberals say dumb things

Indicators in the article/segment:

  • The segment exclusively covers "dumb" things said by liberals and Democrats
  • Host Jesse Watters accuses Schumer of sounding “racist” without explaining further
  • Includes tweet from Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy responding to Schumer’s “dumb” statements (written statements typically sound more reasonable - a new journalism trick with twitter)

What's missing:

  • Dumb things from politicians from the other side of the aisle


Hidden agenda: Trudeau and his family are awesome, no matter what

Indicators in the article:

  • Article title is congratulatory towards Trudeau’s son (“[His son] just doesn’t care & we love it”)
  • Positions him as a rebel (“generally didn’t follow any rules but his own”)
  • Calls the pics “hilarious”
  • Buzzfeed posted a similarly effusive article towards the kid’s antics

What's missing:

  • How do Indians feel about this behavior?
  • One former India resident described a picture of him throwing flowers as “messing up the Rangoli… [which] takes ages to make… disrespectful”
  • What would the media say if this was Trump’s son?

Classic Justin with his Bollywood moves

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