Terminator 🤖 vs Big Oil 🛢️



Former Cali governor and cyborg Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he’s planning to sue big oil companies for creating products that put people’s lives in danger. Note: A man who knows how to play his crowd.

Straight from the gov'na

  • “If you walk into a room and you know you’re going to kill someone, it’s first degree murder; I think it’s the same thing with the oil companies.”

Opposers of a lawsuit believe it’s unfair to compare ‘big oil’ to ‘big tobacco’ because the link between smoking and deaths is well documented and stronger than links between global warming and deaths. Also, they question the Governator’s intentions, pointing out that he accepted large donations from big oil during his re-election campaign in 2006. Oh and they poke fun at him by comparing him to Al Gore, who's viewed on the right as a silly tree-hugger. 


Supporters of a lawsuit believe that big oil companies have to be brought to justice and made accountable for their actions. Schwarzenegger compared ‘big oil’ to ‘big tobacco’ in the sense that oil companies knew since the 50s that their fossil fuels would lead to climate change and hurt people’s lives. He claims oil companies actively hid the negative details about how their products would lead to global warming.

Will it come to fruition though?

Let’s be real, this lawsuit likely won’t go anywhere, but the ex-Governor has made it clear it’ll still be worth it to simply raise awareness about climate change. Hey, you’re reading about it so I guess it’s already working? If it catches on, this lawsuit could be a headache for an industry increasingly being threatened by renewable energy and Teslas of the world.

Arnold to big oil



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