Fox News Civil War 🦊


Trouble in paradise

Two employees at Fox News have been feuding. The disagreement is between Sean Hannity, who works for the opinion slate, and Shepard Smith, who is the chief news anchor. According to Smith, Fox News' reporting structure is divided between the opinion side and a separate hard-news division - and the opinion side is making him uneasy. 

What'd they say?

The disagreement began when Smith said that the opinion reporting side at Fox ‘doesn’t really have rules’ and ‘can say whatever [it] wants’. He backed this up by saying his segment and the opinion segments ‘serve different masters’ within Fox. Hannity tweeted in response, saying that Smith is ‘clueless about what we do every day’ and wanted more credit for breaking his own news stories.


The right focus on the responses to Smith’s comments from his colleagues. They quote other hosts at Fox who call Smith “anti-Trump” and “inconsiderate and inaccurate”. They also talk about how the Fox News audience dislikes Smith and continue to call for him to be fired.

The left focus on Smith’s long history as a trusted news reporter. They emphasize that Smith has the hardest job at Fox News because he values “facts over feelings” and that Fox is known for “provocation and opinion”. They seek to position him as the anti-establishment Fox News anchor. 

Why did Shep say this?

Smith is openly gay on a network that generally claims Christian conservative values. He's also focused on hard facts instead of opinion-based shows that he labels as "entertainment". It is logical that he feels at odds with parts of Fox News. Also, maybe he's a little jelly? The primetime lineup from 8-11 PM is dominated by the opinion slate. Even though he is the chief news anchor, his show is on during work hours at 3 PM. 


Shep watching Hannity



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