EPA Rollin’ Back Emissions Laws ⛽


What's the deal?

The EPA announced it is rolling back fuel economy regulations adopted during the Obama presidency. The regulations would have required new cars to have a fuel economy of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. That’s currently what your hybrid Prius gets! Auto manufacturers lobbied quite a bit for easier emissions standards, and now, it seems like they’re seeing their wishes come true.

Commander of the EPA

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has been wanting to dismantle Obama era rules from the start. He’s getting it done despite being embroiled in an ethics scandalat the moment. Nevertheless, this move represents a major victory for Pruitt and Trump.

The right says the emissions standards put in place by Obama are unrealistic and put too much undue financial stress on automakers. By easing the regulations, they claim cars will be more affordable and allow the auto industry to better meet consumer demands.


The left criticizes Pruitt for rolling back critical regulations meant to make the Earth cleaner with fewer greenhouse gases. They say this will benefit dirtier car manufacturers whose lineups have poor fuel economy standards, while manufacturers who invested in producing clean, energy-efficient cars will be worse off.

Not so fast automakers

Under the Clean Air Act, California and 12 other states have waivers to set their own emissions standards. This could be troublesome for automakers because they don’t want to go through the expensive and laborious task of tailor-manufacturing cars for each state. Now, it’s up to Pruitt to negotiate with California to come up with a national standard all automakers can follow. The thing is, California and Trump aren’t exactly BFFs. Pruitt might force California and the other states to follow the national standard, in which case California’s Attorney General has said he is prepared to take legal action.  


Frenemies: Cali + Trump relationship



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