Sympathy vs Law Enforcement

Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

Nearly 2,000 children separated so far
This weekend, the media began widely reporting on the issue of children being separated from their families after illegally crossing into the US. The parents are sent to jail while the children are placed in separate custody. This has been a result of Trump's decision to take a "zero tolerance" approach to illegal immigration - anyone who enters illegally will be immediately prosecuted for deportation. 
Nothing new

No laws were changed to enact this “zero tolerance” policy. Existing U.S. immigration law gives the Executive branch wide latitude in how strictly to enforce laws on the books. Trump proponents are saying the president is simply enforcing lax laws, while opponents say Trump is going too far by takings kids from their parents. 

The right paints the families trying to cross the border as individuals gaming the system. They claim that parents have been coached to use “magic words” to be granted asylum and that they often bring their children with them under the belief that a parent with a child will not be detained. The right further claims that past administrations haven’t actually enforced the law, as written, and that the Trump Administration is finally doing what Congress intended.

The left takes aim at the arguments used by the Trump administration to justify the “zero tolerance” policy; namely, that children should not be political negotiating tools and that the Bible is a poor crutch to lean on. Specifically, the left draws parallels between what the Trump administration is doing and how the Nazis used Romans 13 to justify oppressing others. Overall, the left is predictable in its moralistic high ground response without addressing the specific issues in the immigration system.

Law enforcement and being heard

There is a lot of confusion on what the law is and who is to blame. Trump is enforcing immigration laws and will likely continue to do so until they are changed or determined unconstitutional. However, as citizens we also have the obligation to determine if we agree with the laws as written and with the actions of our leadership. This is an individual decision that is reflected in our votes for elected officials. Exercise your right to vote and encourage your friends and family to do the same this November.  

George Washington said so



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