Merkel’s Reign Coming to an End? 🤔

Photo: DPA

Photo: DPA

Das a challenge

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing a split within her coalition government over its open immigration policy. Leading the opposition is Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, who heads the conservative Christian Social Union (CSU). He's told Merkel to strike an immigration deal with other European nations or accept his plan to turn away undocumented migrants. Meanwhile, Trump tweeted that Germany’s immigration policy increased crime and turned citizens against the government.

Over one million refugees in Germany

Merkel’s decision to open borders three years ago was a blow to its conservative allied party, Seehofer’s CSU. Now, Seehofer seeks to reinstate the CSU’s political stronghold in the right-leaning state of Bavaria, fearing that the CSU is losing votes to Alternative for Germany, a far-right political party.

The right focuses more on the possibility of Merkel’s departure from the government. They imply that Merkel’s immigration policy is to blame for the increasing anti-immigration sentiments and weakening mainstream party power. Those on the right are pessimistic about the fate of Merkel’s position and believe she is powerless as Seehofer will pursue his plan regardless.

The left focuses less on the German debate and instead condemns Trump’s tweet. They fact-checked each of his claims, noting that they’re misleading and exaggerated. Some outlets also criticize him for blasting a US ally’s immigration policy while facing international outcry over the separation of illegal immigrants and their children in the US. Amidst their criticism of Trump, left folk view Merkel’s stance on immigration as welcoming.

Britain, Spain, Italy...what’s Germany’s fate?

A key decision-maker within the EU, Germany’s political instability comes right after the transition of power in Italy. Germany’s immigration debate comes days after Italy denied a migrant boat carrying ~600 passengers. Italy transitioned from a center-left party to a populist government with an anti-immigration stance. Both countries are seeing political centrists give way to conservative and anti-migrant voices. Yet, revoking Merkel’s open immigration to tighten policies demonstrates the difficulty in finding the right balance of refugees.

Immigration plan woes



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