400+ WaPo Employees Demand a Raise 💰

Photo: Gizmodo

Photo: Gizmodo

Negotiating for over a year

Over 400 unionized employees at the Washington Post have signed a public letter asking Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and owner of WaPo, for a raise. The letter notes that WaPo has doubled digital subscriptions and increased online traffic by over 50% in the last year. The employees want higher wages, better retirement and healthcare benefits, and reasonable job security.

Trump takes note

President Trump chimed in via Twitter saying WaPo employees should go on strike to get a raise and "get rid of Fake News for an extended period of time!" WaPo employees responded saying they stand with Bezos in the fight for truth and that this is a workplace issue.

The right focuses more on positioning Jeff Bezos as someone who treats his employees unfairly. They imply that he is greedy by noting that he is the richest man in the world who can't "share" with his employees. Outlets also point to employee troubles at Amazon to make the point that Bezos has a history of treating employees poorly.

The left focuses less on the issue at hand and more on Trump's response. They call out Trump's anti-media rhetoric and note that the employees never mentioned a strike to begin with. Some outlets also position Trump's statement as a part of his ongoing feud with Bezos and hatred for Washington Post because he doesn't like their coverage of him.

Should they strike?

If the WaPo employees want some real results, the president may have suggested a good option - going on strike. Just two weeks ago, The Washington Post ran an article titled It’s time to acknowledge that strikes work. The article focused on how successful teachers have been recently in getting raises by going on strike. The author notes that striking is the "labor's strongest weapon" and that society only functions because workers decide to come to work on a daily basis. Will the WaPo employees take the advice of one of its own contributors?

When your strike is so extra



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